Knight's News

Gooberfest 2015!

A good time was had by all at the Gooberfest celebration held Saturday, Oct 31 at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.  

Thanks to all who came out and helped. Our Worthy Deputy Grand Knight, Robert McMinn, took over the cooking duties like the Master Chef that he is !.. He had some unexpected help from our Insurance Agent, Alfred Sanchez. Alfred knows his way around a grille !...from his "Chili's" days. This year we added fajitas to our menu. Thank you Alfred for coming out to help. Needless to say, we sold out of all our food and drinks.

Also, a big THANK YOU to Alan Torre for our group picture.  And, there were a lot of others who came out to help, but did not get in the group photo.  Thanks to all!

Fellowship after Golf Tournament

After this year's golf tournament, which was a great success by the way (thank your Robert De La Garza for your hard work), there was time for fellowship in the Celebration Hall.  Looks like a good time was had by all!

New Officers Elected

A new slate of officers had been elected for the 2014-2015 fraternal year.  They are already listed on the officers page, although it will show 2013-2014 until July 1st.  The slate looks excellent, and we should get much good fraternal work done.  Special thanks to Bob Pessia, who has served as our Grand Knight the past two years.  Thanks Bob, and all the other officers, for their service.

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November Birthdays


  • Martin Marquez2nd
  • Lonnie Martinez Click to Email 3rd
  • Andrew Hernandez Click to Email 4th
  • David Ortega Click to Email 7th
  • Saul Garcia9th
  • Peter Vasquez10th
  • Raymond Rivas Click to Email 15th
  • Father Ariel Lagunilla Click to Email 23rd
  • Eric McClure Click to Email 25th
  • Jesse Ruiz Click to Email 27th
  • Randy Harris28th
  • Juan Galindo29th